The West Tamar Chamber of Commerce

The West Tamar Chamber of Commerce is an independent association of businesses and associated individuals of the West Tamar Region.

West Tamar is part of the newly formed Chamber Alliance in place as of August 2013, we have much improved access to industrial relations and TCCI training and events statewide. This alliance will add to the strength of the chamber movement in Tasmania.

A number of meet and greets are held thorughout the year, we would love to see you there - refer to News page for details 

The Aims of the Chamber are

  • To Promote, encourage and support new and existing businesses in the West Tamar region.
  • To promote sustainable commercial advancement and community well being.
  • To collect and disseminate relevant information to business in the West Tamar Region.
  • To provide superior lobbying, business support, networking, referral and development services to businesses in the West Tamar Region.
  • To represent West Tamar businesses in relation to Federal, State and local Government matters which may affect the interests of members.

The Chamber is committed to encouraging and supporting a vibrant community and in promoting the West Tamar region as the ideal place to live, work, invest and grow sustainable and clever businesses.